Lyrics: Perfume

As it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow, this one is dedicated to my lovely wife:

My eyes come alive when you walk in the room
You’re like the sweet sweet smell of the finest PERFUME
My heart starts racing by – boom boom boom
as fireworks fill the sky – whizz bang zoom!

Next weeks random word: GLOVES

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3 thoughts on “Lyrics: Perfume

  1. melanie ray says:

    Aww – thank you! 🙂
    My offering is less romantic:

    Does Beyonce really wear her own PERFUME?
    Booty shakin’ with the hoover round the room.
    Would it make me better able to sing her tunes?
    And smell like roses? … or a family heirloom??!

  2. It’s ridiculous what they say when they say you need this PERFUME
    Short list – one spray – she’ll invite you into her room
    Fumbling in the dark, staying up passed the curfew
    Exchanging something beautiful for something that will hurt you
    So just be you
    You don’t need the stinking PERFUME!
    AH! (grunted)

  3. Si says:

    Thanks for the verses gang!
    Interesting how we all chose ‘oom’ to rhyme with

    Next week I’ve gone big, with 8 BARS!!

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